Kinesiology is a gentle, holistic, personalised approach to health and wellbeing. Using muscle testing to tailor each session to fit your specific needs, Kinesiology combines a wide range of techniques and modalities to guide you in healing and growth.
What can kinesiology help me with?
Kinesiology isn’t about diagnosing or treating diseases, it’s about identifying and dealing with the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic blockages that leave you feeling not quite right. Sometimes these blockages are contributing to larger issues, and sometimes they’re just feelings you can’t quite put your finger on.

Whatever the issue, Kinesiology can help to guide you into the right space to heal. Issues commonly worked on include:

– pain

- depression & anxiety

– fatigue

- nutritional imbalances

– stress

– behavioural issues

– learning difficulties

- relationship issues

- life path worries

- fears and phobias

- weight loss or weight gain

- lack of motivation

- releasing traumas
What to expect
We call each session a ‘balance’, as we’re working on balancing out the various energy systems in your body and your life.

Every balance is unique, so it’s hard to describe what you will experience. There’s generally a lot of talking about emotions, but in a structured and guided way, so don’t stress if emotions aren’t your thing. A balance could be anywhere from mostly physical – dealing with muscles and structural issues – to mostly emotional or spiritual. Usually, it’s a bit of a mix.

Your practitioner 
My name is Phoebe and I’ve been working as a Kinesiologist since 2013. I grew up in the world of Kinesiology – my mum became a Kinesiology practitioner when she was pregnant with me, so I’ve been receiving balances since before I was born.

There are a lot of different types of Kinesiology; my work is based in Professional Kinesiology Practice(PKP). I hold (and taught for five years) a nationally accredited Certificate IV & Diploma in Kinesiology, and the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice(ICPKP) International Diploma in Kinesiology.